If a crisis hit tomorrow, would you know what to do???


A problem of any kind could thrust you and your company into the public eye. Determine if you could manage a crisis effectively:


1. Do you know what to do if you are ambushed
by a hostile reporter?


2. Do you think “no comment’ is the safest way
to answer media questions?


3. How much does your company spend on
advertising campaigns? How much does your
company spend on crisis training and planning?
How long does it take to lose a positive image?
(Think in hours, not days.)


4. Name the people on your crisis team.


5. Identify at least five potential problems that
could affect your company. Do you know how to
avoid or contain them? (Hint: Regardless of the
problem, each one can be mastered with the
proper know-how.)

"It's nobody's business.
I don't care how it looks."

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