"Why in heaven's name would we need an exterminator,
Miss Farnsworth?!"

While insurance may cover any physical damage in a crisis, it doesn’t cover the damage to your company’s reputation and ability to conduct business.


In a survey, organizations without a crisis plan reported that the negative aftereffects of the crisis lasted about two-and-a-half times longer than prepared companies.


That’s why Robin Cohn and Company provides

strategic crisis readiness programs to protect
your reputation. You will benefit by knowing how to:


Identify potential risk

Learn the basics of prevention

Take charge of a crisis and mobilize rapidly

Shorten the length of a crisis

Influence public perception and key stakeholders

Develop a framework for effective crisis communication

Conduct media interviews

Utilize Social Media

Assure the welfare of those affected

Keep employee morale and productivity high

Release polished written material


If a crisis were to hit tomorrow, would you
and your company be ready? Take the
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